Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Credebility Lost!

Bernanke's Fed has lost all credibility regarding inflation fighting. This "theme" has proven itself to be a joke. It is really just a ruse to beguile people into believing that they care about the purchasing power of their savings. In fact, they only care about Wall Street and the economic elite. Welfare for Wall Street. The Fed has systematically destroyed the life savings of millions of hard working Americans, though they may not know this fact yet. The Monopoly game continues, with the "bank" refinancing the players who overextended themselves. No society is just which uses false weights, scales and volumes. Bernanke should know this quite well! The only real question becomes, who will be America's first Trillionaire? The new adage for the 21st century: "The first Trillion is the hardest to make".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn right the guy is a serial money printer and needs to be ousted immediately before he pads the pockets of the Elite while taxing the hell out of the poor and middle class.

Wakeup this guy is dangerous to our future.

1:28 PM  
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