Sunday, November 06, 2005

High School Tuition of over $100,000 per student in NJ Shore!

Another itneresting twist on the bubble. In NJ, schools are funded primarily by property taxes. Since prices have skyrocketed at the Jersey Shore over the past few years, many lower and middle class families with childeren have left, and have been replaced by "investors". This has had some interesting effects. For instance, there has been a tremendous decline in Ambulance Volunteers. One town is down to 4 volunteers, down from 20-25 about 10 years ago, and one of the volunteers is an octagenarian. Another interesting point in the article is the funding for High School. In some of the more expensive towns in Long Beach Island, the average "tuition" paid per student is over $100,000. This is because property values have skyrocketed, and the number of school age children has dwindled. I find this quite bizarre. But, I guess this is what America is all about now.

No Child Left Behind


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